Update On Robert Smileys Handupproject

Recently Mr. Smiley sent an opinion letter regarding our reporting and challenged us to ask the community around his camps about him…Well, we have and here is what we have been told……

We interviewed 13 residents of Alderbrook HOA next to Smiley’s camp on Center road. 6 were renters and are looking for a way out of their tenant contracts because of the camps and its clients. One tenant told us that a camp “employee” was in her back green area and was masturbating in broad daylight, with children not far from his location. She called the police and 3 hours later a sheriff deputy called her, never came by. 7 owners told us they are appalled at how the city and county have allowed these people to control the neighborhood. One homeowner told us of a camp addict in his garage and scared his wife so bad he had to take her to the clinic. Threats made against homeowners trying to stop intrusions on their property are ignored by police. Many residents have purchased guns to protect themselves from this barrage of drugs and crime. We spoke to 17 businesses in the area and each expressed fear of the roving flash mobs that attack when any business complains about this groups behavior. In one case involving Robert Smiley’s cadre of needle pickers that resulted in another camp security personnel, Chris Weber, rushing a vehicle to fight an individual. Sheriff Deputy Beard saw this attack and had to physically stand in Mr Webers path to halt his attack and never wrote a report on the incident. Home Depot asked the employee who saw the incident to not get involved as they didn’t want any issues with Mr. Smiley’s group. The employee did provide a statement to the victim yet the Sheriff’s office refuse to take the report. Employees of multiple businesses have been harassed walking to their cars even. I can attest to the lies these people are willing to tell since I was accused of shooting at kids in their camp, the day after I was able to obtain an Antiharassment order against Mr. Robert Smiley, which they never reported to police yet I did. Mr. Smiley has challenged us to prove our stories accuracy all while lying to you folks by saying we are responsible for him losing funding from businesses, like the car wash story. His advisor to the board Christina Anderson stated we called corporate of Les Schwab in order to get their car washes canceled. NOT TRUE but makes a good story if you are into alternative facts. Mr. Smiley also says he will sue me for this and I say Ok where is this lawsuit? Mr. Smiley and Dee Jackson have filed a small claims lawsuit seeking 5000.00 each. Mr. Smiley wants it because I caused his donors to not donate and Ms. Jackson wants 5000.00 because she had to come to court and she missed a school exam.  I guess the criminal allegations they make against me and cause us a substantial loss of time and money to defend the perjury isn’t an issue with their recovery plan. If it good for addicts then it’s all ok, even the rapes of men and women in camps God forbid teens! FYI…….Les Schwab corporate will tell you they never received any call, letter, or any communication from us about Handupproject. Board advisor Christina Anderson has spun this lie in order to harass me personally for filing a lawsuit against her and her employer North Coast Lighting for perjury in court. The hearing is October 30, 2018, at 9 am at the Snohomish County South District Court…Come to hear for yourself.

We have officially asked for documents under Public Disclosure and we have been denied by Mr. Smiley. We are now beginning legal action under Public disclosure laws for Handupproject not complying with the law. Mr. Smiley has played loose and free with the reporting of income and donations that he has had total control over for 5 years, yet has never filed documents regarding income as required by nonprofits. He has let the Handupproject nonprofit status expire for failing to file the appropriate paperwork. Accountability is something that Mr. Smiley only holds others accountable for not himself or his “fragile addicts”, that we must allow to do as they please in their recovery.

Mr. Smiley states that crime has decreased 63% since his camps have been in the area yet this made up fact is refuted
by the Snohomish County Sheriffs Sheri Ireton, Public Information Officer. The Snohomish county crime map supports the Sheriff’s numbers, not the numbers Mr. Smiley has dreamed up.  See Crime Map. Click on the map. (Snohomish County Crime stats April 2018) .Mr. Smiley’s camps have security who have failed to call police when they allege shots were fired at them and children in the camp with no witnesses or reports filed. Brenda Bolanos Ivory, a League of Women Voters representative and a Handsupproject Outreach coordinator has stated that there are rapes of men and women in the camps God forbid teens but that its the nature of the beast and that street justice is used in the matters. Street Justice for rapes of children or men and women? What street justice is used.  Click on the name. (Brenda Bolanos-Ivory.)

So Mr. Robert Smiley please sit for an interview so we can get the correct information since your denying all of our information and the Sheriffs. Maybe you can have your camp security, Christopher Johnson, explain why he did not report to police when a child was shot at (a crime?)or how Outreach coordinator Dee Jackson stated I threatened her on the phone when the recording played in court shows NO THREAT of any kind. Mr. Smiley actually presented court document, unsigned, not under oath, from allegedly Brenda Bolanos Ivory that stated she never wrote the email I have shown in this document. Ms. Bolanos Ivory has refused to state yes she did or no she did not write the email. Why has she refused to respond? Either the email is a lie or Mr. Smiley is a liar and perjurer. Why won’t Ms. Bolanos Ivory respond? A Navy wife refusing to protect children is what this writer sees from Ms. Bolanos Ivory. Or could there be a monetary advantage for remaining silent? She is a KSER online contributor, League of Women Voters Representative, yet they say she isn’t a representative for them, Outreach Coordinator for Handupproject, yet they say she isn’t a part of them….. And the inconsistencies go on and on and on……..until NOW!

With the resources taxpayers are having to pay for in order to coddle the fragile addicts that Mr. Smiley harbors in illegal camps we have a duty to ask the hard questions. It seems to ask them is dangerous to our families but I remain committed to stopping the vigilante thuggery allowed by our Sheriff and our elected leaders. My brother was murdered by vigilantes so yes this becomes personal yet the stories facts cannot be denied because we have video, tapes, email all called evidence that our Sheriff and Prosecutor refuses to accept. Why? Over 54 million taxpayers dollars in 3 years to combat this issue in Snohomish County and the issue grows as taxpayers continue to be victimized by assaults, robberies, burglaries, threats, car thefts, perjury, intimidation, and even murder. Is it a coincidence that two murders within two blocks of these camps have occurred? We think not and continue our look into the details of the murders. Politicians have no desire to solve the social ills like homelessness or the addict issue before us. Why? Because in Snohomish County over 60,000 jobs are dependent on the homeless and addicts and no politician will take away jobs. Time to vote for truth and accountability!!!

In May of last 2017 two juvenile addicts were in our backyard shooting dope. Sheriff called. Kids pulled a gun on us as they went towards Mariner High School. The police never looked for these kids that were inside Mariner High School with a gun!! About 6 months later the two juvenile addicts were robbing another high school student for his drugs when they killed a mother coming to protect her child in a mobile home park off Gibson road. The two murderers lived off and on in  Mr. Smiley’s camps off 112th and 128th for months before their murderous act.

We can provide texts of Mr. Smileys camp members, Chris Weber, coming by our rentals threatening to “Fuck up your renters” if we do not stop our inquiry. He even at night posted a picture of my house saying he was outside and could get me anytime. We can provide texts where Mr. Smiley himself has place pictures of my home online and encouraging violence at our home against us. We can provide texts of his volunteers threatening to cut off my balls and cock and shove them up my ass or to put a fucking cap in my head. These are recovering addicts?

Mr. Smiley, I now challenge you!!! Have a public forum……Invite all who wants to attend….. allow the media and community to question you in an open forum. Bring your board to respond also. If I am a liar then you should be able to show that. Bring your evidence, documents and we will bring ours…..

I can set up a meeting place in Snohomish County, like a high school or city hall?

The challenge has been made!!! Let us see if you got the truth in you or if the lies will continue to flow. Your donors deserve to know the truth, don’t they?

More to come on this story