Sickest People in our Country Pt 3

Brenda Bolanos-Ivory

As we move onward with the revelations of the Handupproject it is apparent that their Board and Advisors think its ok to harass a person. Ms. Brenda Bolanos Ivory, another advisor to the Handupproject, uses the names of organizations without their permission in order to legitimize the Handupproject. As taxpayers and donors are asked for monies from this suspect organization it is a responsibility to insure that the funds are being used for the purposes of helping those in need.

I contact Ms. Cramer of the Snohomish County League of Women Voters and asked her why Ms. Ivory was using the league’s name in her correspondence and conversations with the public. Ms. Cramer responded last week saying that she asked Ms. Ivory if she had used the Leagues name and Ms. Ivory replied NO. Remember that Robert Smiley posted that Ms. Ivory denied writing the email also. This writer is posting the original email from Ms. Ivory, and an email from Ms. Ivory to Rikki King of the Everett Herald. Looks like she is using names without permission if Ms Cramer is telling the truth and I tend to believe the League of Womens Voters over Ms Bolanos Ivory.

The handupproject is going through some rough times. Losing houses for violations of policies. The needle exchange seemed to set their project on a wayward path but we have learned that the Handupproject was supplying needles to addicts in the camps. A Walgreens management person told us that Robert Smiley had threatened to sue the store if they did not sell to the addicts, Walgreens DOES NOT SELL TO ADDICTS. WalMart staff also shared with us Mr Smileys rant at them over not allowing addicts to buy needles.

Mr. Smiley recently stated that crime had been reduced by 63% percent in the areas the Handupproject as cleaned areas. He also stated he has letters from business and HOA owners begging them to stay as they like having them around to curtail crime. I have questioned this and no one in any police department or neighborhood will agree with Mr. Smileys online comments. Mr. Smiley is our Donald Trump….Say it and its true! Well, Mr. Smiley, we are checking and we are dedicated to having you sit for a live interview and hopefully you will answer the questions put to you.

This writer has filed paperwork and encourage all donors and Christians who work with this group to come to court and hear their story. I have had the Board of Directors of Handupproject call several employers of  mine trying to have me fired while Ms Anderson got a restraining order because she said I called her work yet I never spoke to her or called anyone. I guess its ok for her to harass my work yet go to court because someone called and she thinks it was me see attached statement. anderson 18-24 from court administrator 3-21-18

LIES  begun in our courts by Robert Smiley and he actively online sought out others to carry the lies forward. Well Mr Smiley you have now gotten Christina Anderson, Chris Johnson, Jackie Estes, Travis Ahern, Dee Jackson, and your entire Board involved in a lawsuit. Some donors will be added as they are retired addicts thinking they are still thugs and then think they can intimidate us…. More to come folks… some good financial numbers we have obtained, plus many board members and volunteers have degrees that require they report child endangerment or assaults. I guess shooting at children or luring them into cars for sex isnt child endangerment for a group like Hanudupoproject who allows “Prostitution, rapes of men and women, God forbid teens!”

Anyone needing help to escape this group contact the Snohomish County Sheriff or call me, 425 346 1155 and I will come and get you away from these social service thugs and bullies.