Response to Feedback from “Joseph” 2018-04-13

Hi “Joseph”, Susan or whatever your name is.

My name is Janelle, Editor of Wake Up SnoCo. I want you to know that I acknowledge that you feel that I need to: Stop Slander, Check my “sources”, become “civil, just and humane” myself.

I will not discount your feelings as you are entitled to your beliefs, regardless of how wrong you are. Don’t discount ours!

I was the one called a “Nigger by the man in a Hand Up Project jacket, there is no source to check.

I am the one that saw the white man with the noose in my driveway, there is no source to check.

My 15-year-old daughter was the one being stalked, there is no source to check.

My life is in shambles, my family living in fear and well I am pissed that I have to spend my time dealing with this BS, rather than enjoying being a housewife and relaxing with my family.

I am sorry if my situation is disturbing to your fragile mind…well, not really. If you’re up for an interview regarding whatever it is that you consider slander I will entertain it because you are ignorant as to what reality is and you need to be educated.

I offer you the opportunity to expand on your statement with facts and more detail. I welcome it. I have yet to hear back from you since I emailed you on the 13th. You all keep hollering slander, please help me understand how TRUTH = SLANDER. I will wait.

~Janelle Burke

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One thought on “Response to Feedback from “Joseph” 2018-04-13

  1. Ms Burke…Isnt this the area of New Mexico that Robert Smileys Board President Susan Moore and mother of Christina Anderson lives? So its possible that the Handupproject Board President is writing you under a false name? Isnt that Joshua the same name that was threatening Willie Russell and making lewd allegations on facebook …. a Josh Mahoney? Lot of fragile addicts doing bad things during their recovery with the Handupproject… no wonder Mr Smiley doesnt want any oversight by anyone. Stay strong as truth has already caused them to commit perjury. Its only time before we expose the criminal enterprise that has been stuffed down the citizens throat as our leaders create fear in our community to enhance taxes for their special projects. We will overcome!!!

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